Wine Business Forum

During the 2019 edition of the Milano Wine Week, the Wine Business Forum will take place. Managed by Silvia Ballotta, Ceo of Business Strategy, the event will gather the most relevant stakeholders of the Italian wine industry and representatives from the finance and communication industries, pivotal sectors of Milan economic fabric.

The last year’s Milano Wine Business Forum demonstrated the extraordinary ability of the city to connect people and make things happen, highlighting the great success of an hybrid meeting. The dynamic process of transmission and exchange between specialists of different sectors led to the gathering of a variety of different ideas and to the elaboration of a series of innovative and successful propositions.

This year, the Milano Wine Business Forum will be focused on the most discussed issues and on the most actual aspects of the sector in order to become, as stated by Silvia Ballotta, “a punctual and programmatic observatory, to provide support to the sector and indications to legislators and institutions”.

Many panel discussions will be arranged and guests will have the chance to discuss about five macro-themes sharing a picture of the actual situation and defining the goals to achieve and the obstacles to overcome. The Forum aims at creating a territory-wine-tourism triangle, generating relevant connections for the future and incrementing the appeal of the Made in Italy by making it more competitive on the international markets through the comparison of the experiences of experts coming from different sectors. At the end of the day, a document summarizing the ideas of all the participants, will be delivered to the Minister of Agriculture.