MWW is the first system event in Italy dedicated to the world of wine, gathering Opinion Leaders, international professionals, organizations, operators and consumers. Milan, as an international wine capital, is the perfect hub to host the event that, just like with other excellence such as fashion and design, represents a chance for visibility and communication for companies and big brands from the world of wine and beyond.


The protagonists of MWW’s 3rd editions are the wine people, a.k.a. the Winers. Through their profiles and their personal and professional stories, we will tell the evolution of the wine sector and its revolutionary changes. Starting from the territory and the producer, the world of wine engages more and more professional figures that can change the wine experience, by approaching a broader audience and thus making it an international and “connected” sector.
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Now more than ever, digital activities have become essential instruments for growing back, transforming the wine experience, reaching a wider audience and making sure the wine world is more and more connected.

Milano Wine Week’s purpose is to harness the best of the digital transformation, offering new scenarios and innovative applications for partners and consumers.
Iscriviti al Digital Upfront

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